URBAN LED solar street light 600W, 3.2V / 30000mAH

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LED street lamp which integrates an autonomous lighting system using solar energy

URBAN LED solar street light 600W, 3.2V / 30000mAH
Dimmable cool white
Lampadaire solaire LED URBAIN 600W, 3,2V / 30000mAH

LED street lamp which integrates an autonomous lighting system using solar energy. It includes a light and motion sensor. Ideal for installation where the electrical energy network cannot reach. Includes remote for control and setup

EAN 8435568969131
Power 600W
Luminous flux 18,000 lm
Opening angle 180º
CRI >75
Operating voltage 100-240 VAC
Interior Exterior
IP protection IP65
Sensors Motion sensor (PIR)
Energy label A+++
Rechargeable battery
Solar charging
Product dimensions 345x710x70mm
Packaging dimensions 35x80x10cm
Packaging weight 6Kg
CE RoHS ECORÉE certificates

Description of the 600W URBAN LED solar street light, 3.2V / 30000mAH

LED solar street lights have great advantages over conventional lamps because they do not require cable trays, they are self-supporting and integrate all components in a single piece. It incorporates a PIR motion sensor to provide maximum power in case of activity and dim the lighting when it does not detect movement, thus optimizing the accumulated energy so that light is guaranteed all night long.

The solar street light integrates the following advantages:

- Energy saving.
- Incorporates the most advanced LED technology
. - Efficient and high quality light emission (Color Rendering Index, CRI>75).
- Saving time and installation costs.
- Savings on maintenance costs.
- No need for external power supply.
- Uses clean and renewable energies.
- Reduces light pollution.
- The materials used are fully recyclable.
- Fully integrated system offering architectural advantages.
- Easy installation.

Functioning :
- During the day, the system captures solar energy and stores it in its batteries in the form of electrical energy.
- At dusk, the control system automatically turns on the LED module using stored energy, providing the necessary light to the space to be illuminated. It can be programmed to provide 100% brightness (for 3-4H), 70% brightness (for 5-8H), 40% brightness (for 9-12H)
- At dawn, the LED module automatically deactivates by triggering a new cycle.
- The Solar Street Lamp is made up of a luminaire which contains all the electrical components inside, the pole therefore does not need a registration door and does not house copper cables inside.


- ON button: Turns on the solar street light.

- OFF button: Turns off the solar street light.

- AUTO button: Connect the motion sensor. The floor lamp automatically turns on at dusk at minimum power and when it detects movement it provides maximum brightness and returns to minimum power after approximately 30 seconds. You can use manual mode at any time if the motion detector does not meet your needs.

- M button: The floor lamp provides constant brightness and adjusts its intensity to the selected operating hours.

- 3H button: Provides maximum brightness for 3 to 5 hours, depending on battery charge.

- 5H button: Provides 70% brightness for 5 to 8 hours, depending on battery charge.

- 8H button: Provides 40% brightness for 8 to 12 hours, depending on battery charge.

- +brightness button: Increases light intensity

- Brightness button: Decreases light intensity

The solar street light has an activity LED which makes it easy to know the state it is in:

- Green color: charging mode or manual mode
- Red color: AUTO mode

- Illuminates an area of ​​approximately 300-350 m2

- Epistar LED chip. It uses the most advanced LED technology, achieving high performance with high light quality.
- Luminaire body in ABS plastic
- Lithium battery with a charging time of 8 to 10 hours in sunny hours and discharge up to 8 hours in maximum lighting and up to 20 hours with minimum lighting.
- Optical system, allows the light beam to be concentrated towards the space to be illuminated, thus avoiding light pollution.
-Maximum efficiency multicrystalline photovoltaic solar panel, captures solar radiation and converts it into clean electrical energy.
- Lithium electric accumulators which store the energy captured by the solar panel during sunny hours so that they can be used during nighttime periods.

- Incorporates a switch to turn off the floor lamp in case of prolonged inactivity. Does not include staff or support

- Lithium battery 3.2V / 30000mAH

-High efficiency 6V/30W solar panel


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