with 1 x 140W Foldable Solar Panel for Emergency, Camping, Outdoor,

ALLPOWERS 606Wh 700W (1400W Max), Portable Power Station

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with 1 x 140W Foldable Solar Panel for Emergency, Camping, Outdoor, Garden, Travel

ALLPOWERS 606Wh 700W (1400W Max), Portable Power Station
  with 1 x 140W Foldable Solar Panel for Emergency, Camping, Outdoor, Garden, Travel

Product Details
     Weight 5.3kg
     Picar fixing system
     USB electrical connection type
     NF NF230 Certification
     MMID 397587325039
     Manufacturer ref.

Power supply Solar energy, Battery
Recommended uses for the product Outdoors, Camping, Power, Power Supply
Frequency 50Hz

About this product

     ECO-FRIENDLY POWER SUPPLY: The power unit is compatible with 140W solar panel. The built-in MPPT controller allows the solar generator kit to operate at its maximum power point, allowing for faster battery charging, which Makes it an ideal portable power kit for camping, outdoor trips, etc.
     Charge up to 9 devices at the same time: The Allpower portable charging station is equipped with a 606W per hour battery. The portable solar generator has 2 AC outlets (50 Hz, 700 W, 1400 W peak), 1 USB-C connector (max. 5V - 20V / 100W, QC3.0), 3 USB ports (5V / 3A) , 2 DC outputs (12V/5A), 1 cigarette lighter (12V/10A).
     ▶【5 Input Charging Methods】: Charge your portable generator from 0-80% in just 1.5 hours (total in 3 hours) via power supply and PD 60W USB-C at the same time, approx. 6 to 7 hours from solar panel (Allpower 100W solar panel, solar charging mode: MPPT), approx. 10-11 hours via PD 60W USB-C port or 12V/24V car. Keep your power unit always charged when you are at home, outdoor camping or traveling.
     ▶【MC-4 and 4 in 1】The MC-4 output can provide a maximum current of 20A, while the DC connector only 10A, a dual USB port (5V/2.4A per port) with technology iSolar to charge your 5V devices and an 18V DC output (18V/3A) to charge your laptop or 12V car battery and a portable generators.
     High Efficiency: 140W solar cells are made in America with up to 22% efficiency and offer endless pleasure for laptops, power works, cell phones and other batteries under the sun.

Allpowers high-performance generator meets all your needs.

ALLPOWERS portable generator provides a remarkable 606 watt-hours of power, uses only premium components and the most advanced power management technology and provides enough power to fully charge your personal electronic devices, home electronics and appliances, start your cars, power up your tools, helping you turn on the emergency light and charge your laptops and mobile phones. It is ideal for visiting your motorhome, camping, camping, hunting, farm or construction sites. The portable generator can be controlled with the ALLPOWERS app.

Battery capacity: 606 Wh / 164000 mAh.
Rated power: 700 W. Maximum power: 1400 W.
Output waveform: Pure sine wave.
Protection circuit: Short circuit, over current, over current, overload, over temperature, etc.
Size: 26.3 x 14 x 18 cm.
Weight: 5.3kg.

AC Input: AC 230V/50Hz 5.0A
Solar Charger Input / Anderson Solar Power Input: 16.6V-24V/5.0A (Max).
Car charger: 12.7 V - 24 V/5.0 A (attention: 12 V/24 V batteries are ideal for charging. This is not intended for vehicles that do not drive a lot on a daily basis, as Batteries can easily drop below 12V. Make sure the battery is above 12.7V at least before charging. Use this charging method during travel.

2 AC outputs 230 VAC, 50 Hz.
USB output x 3: 5V, 3A (max).
Type C (off): PD5-20V (100W).
DC output: 12 V / 5 A (max.).
Cigarette output: 12-13.6V/10A (max.)

Questions and answers:
F: What devices can be charged with the ALLPOWERS 606 Wh?

A: It is suitable for electronic devices whose rated power is less than 700W and its maximum power does not exceed 1400W.
F: How do I know the working hours of my device?
A: AC output: Working time = 606 Wh * 0.85 / Device working power.
DC output: Working time = 606 Wh * 0.90 / Device working power.
F: How long does it take to fully charge this station?
A: It should be disconnected from the power outlet for 5 to 6 hours. For its simplicity, there are two additional charging options: about 6 hours from the 100W Allpower solar panel and about 10 to 15 hours from the car cigarette lighter socket.
F: Could you power the load during charging?
A: Yes, it can work while charging.


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