PAC-W 2200 SH monobloc reversible air conditioner without external unit

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PAC-W 2200 SH

Pleasant and discreet without an external unit to cool or heat up.

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PAC-W 2200 SH monobloc reversible air conditioner without external unit

3 in 1 air conditioner without external unit controllable via smartphone to lower the temperature, ventilate and dehumidify with a single device

Enjoy a source of freshness without the hassle of an outdoor unit

At home and at work:
  The PAC-W 2200 S is a modern wall-mounted air conditioner that will allow you to quickly lower the temperature on hot summer days - and which also puts an end to the prejudice that split air conditioners are difficult to install.

Until now, installing an energy-saving split air conditioner always required drilling into the exterior masonry and installing an outdoor unit. This modification of the appearance of the facade is not only unsightly, it is also subject to authorization. As a tenant or owner of an apartment, you must obtain the agreement of the building owner before proceeding with the installation - an often tedious consultation process.

The modern PAC-W 2200 S air conditioner, all in white, works without an external unit - its installation does not alter the appearance of the facade! Highly efficient, the PAC-W 2200 S is intended for indoor mounting and can be placed both above the floor and on the wall/under the ceiling. Only two ventilation openings are required during assembly.

PAC-W 2200 S: maximum freshness - without the hassle of an outdoor unit

Installation in a rental or condominium apartment generally poses no problem. Only two holes (∅ 18 cm) on an exterior wall are required to install this elegant designer device indoors. Air inlet and outlet ducts bring fresh air into the room and dissipate heat from the inside to the outside. As the PAC-W 2200 S wall-mounted air conditioner cools without an outdoor unit/heat exchanger, it also operates without a refrigerant circuit. It is therefore not necessary to call on a qualified installer to install this air conditioning.

Advantages of the PAC-W 2200 S without outdoor unit or duct:

The air conditioner can be installed even on the 10th floor because the installation is carried out indoors (no outdoor unit assembly)
     More advantageous than a remote outdoor unit
     Works from a power outlet
     No unsightly and noisy exterior unit on the front
     No window having to be left ajar (for the duct) and letting in heat
     Operates much quieter than a ducted air conditioner
     No costly assembly to be carried out by a specialist installer
     No maintenance costs

Simple indoor installation

As the PAC-W 2200 S monobloc wall-mounted air conditioner does not have an external unit, its installation is not subject to any planning constraints: this compact console is easily mounted on the interior side of a wall facing the exterior - without the need to intervene on the facade. This ease of installation is the advantage of console heat pumps compared to air conditioning devices with an external unit, most often requiring the use of fixed or rolling scaffolding. Only two core drillings are necessary at the wall to ensure air circulation between the interior and exterior. The installation of this wall-mounted air conditioner does not require the intervention of a refrigeration professional.

Since installation is therefore limited to an interior wall, it is particularly easy and allows the PAC-W 2200 S to be installed in almost all types of housing and to benefit from an energy-efficient air conditioning solution as part of the renovation. energy of your home, whether you live in a new building, old building, listed historic monument, rented or in your own apartment within a collective building, where the installation of an outdoor unit presupposes the agreement of the co -owners or planning permission - not always easy to obtain.

Propane (R290) as an environmentally friendly refrigerant in air conditioners

Every year, several million tonnes of environmentally harmful CO2 (greenhouse gas) emissions are released into the air by synthetic refrigerants. This is why the use of alternative refrigerants is one of our main goals. By using propane (R290) as a refrigerant, this air conditioner makes a valuable contribution to climate protection.

Propane (R290), a natural refrigerant, is an organic compound that is part of hydrocarbons. Unlike synthetic refrigerants, environmentally friendly propane (R290) has no ozone destruction potential (ODP=0) or significant greenhouse effect (GWP=3).

A plus for the environment: thanks to its excellent thermodynamic properties, propane (R290) is a particularly energy-efficient refrigerant, which further reduces your energy costs.

Air conditioning economically without an external unit

Take advantage of all the benefits of a fixed-mount air conditioner for summer - all without the hassle of an outdoor unit or exhaust duct. The PAC-W 2200 S air conditioner, with a SlimLine casing just 20 cm deep, offers high energy efficiency thanks to the cutting-edge technology used as well as three functions ensuring a pleasant indoor climate. The three functions of cold, ventilation and dehumidification can be used independently of each other, which allows this designer device to be used only in summer but all year round. Power saving mode further reduces already low power consumption.

Three operating modes for a pleasant indoor climate and a comfort temperature:

     Refrigeration using cutting-edge technology (energy efficiency class A)
     3 speed ventilation
     Dehumidification to remove up to 0.8 liters of humidity per hour

Dehumidification: no more heavy, stuffy air

With its dehumidification capacity of 0.8 liters per hour, the PAC-W 2200 S actively dehumidifies the air to remove heavy air and create a significantly more pleasant indoor climate. Another beneficial effect: dehumidifying the air prevents the formation of mold. This air conditioner recycles the captured condensation water to cool the condenser, a large part of the water evaporates: the recovery tank must only be emptied very rarely.

Useful: In all three operating modes, the oscillation function can be activated to efficiently distribute the air in the room. An easy-to-clean air filter located on the top of the device captures lint, dust and pet hair.

Lowers the temperature without creating a draft: The air conditioner has two pipes to bring cool air from outside into the room and expel hot air outside. In the morning and evening, when temperatures are more pleasant, air is introduced into the room from outside. This intensifies the cooling effect and saves energy. In addition, as the supply of outside air prevents the appearance of depression in the room, there is no effect of draft generated by the inflow of air from adjacent rooms.

Auto restart function

After an unexpected shutdown due to a power outage, the device will restart on the pre-selected setting as soon as power is restored using the automatic restart function (or memory function). This allows you to use, if necessary, the air conditioner with a timer.

An intense source of freshness on very hot days - automatic operation

Once mounted on the wall and configured, the PAC-W 2200 S regulates the room temperature fully automatically. On hot summer days, the cooling capacity of 2.2 kW/8,000 Btu/h of the PAC-W 2200 S and its air flow of 500 m³/h max. allow air conditioning in heated living rooms, bedrooms and offices of 30 m²/75 m³ max. at the desired temperature between 16°C and 30°C.

For an instant cooling effect, you can activate the three-speed ventilation mode without cold function. The oscillation function which can be activated as needed allows the tempered air to be distributed over a large area. And to ensure a pleasant indoor climate, the device also has a manually selectable air dehumidification function. Thanks to its innovative technology and the absence of a bulky outdoor unit, the PAC-W 2200 S air conditioner sets a new milestone in the field of air conditioning. That said, the PAC-W 2200 S has not only been designed for design; it was designed to provide you with greater well-being: Let yourself be convinced by its useful features and its great comfort of use.

Well-being temperature programming - 24-hour timer

Adapt the operating time of the PAC-W 2200 S to your lifestyle. A practical function that also saves energy. This practical 24-hour timer allows you to program the device to turn on and off by setting a number of operating hours (1 to 24 hours). In case of unforeseen circumstances, if you come home earlier or later, all you have to do is change the timer remotely using your smartphone. Possible thanks to the mobile application!

Fall asleep and enjoy a restful sleep thanks to a comfortable temperature

In summer, when it is too hot in the bedroom, it can be impossible to sleep. To remedy this, the PAC-W 2200 S air conditioner has a silent night mode that automatically regulates the temperature. In night mode, the preset temperature increases by 1°C respectively during the first two hours of operation, then remains constant so that you do not feel cold and your sleep is not disturbed. Clever!

Mobile application for remote control via smartphone and tablet

All settings of the PAC-W 2200 S can be made either on the intuitive control panel, using the remote control or via the Trotec Assistent mobile app. Are you coming home earlier than expected and craving some fresh air? No problem - Wherever you are, you can easily activate your air conditioner via smartphone or tablet. This application will also allow you to consult the room temperature, set a set temperature, select an operating mode, etc. The smart air conditioner control automatically regulates the temperature, lowers the temperature before you come home, and automatically turns off when you leave the house.

WIFI integration with convenient control via smartphone

Conventional remote controls tend to disappear just when you need them. Good to know in this context: you can do without it! To activate and configure the PAC-W 2200 S air conditioner, you will not necessarily need a remote control. In fact, this air conditioner can be very easily integrated into the existing WIFI network (wireless network) via the Trotec Assistent mobile application available online, then controlled via smartphone or tablet. Even on the road or from the other side of the world! Of course, only by you and your device!

On hot summer days, the PAC-W 2200 S 3-in-1 air conditioner will provide you with an energy-efficient source of indoor cool without expensive installation costs!

Strong points and practical details:

     3 in 1 air conditioner: cold, ventilation, dehumidification
     Ultra-thin wall-mounted device without external unit - no visual impact on the facade of the house
     Low installation cost
     WIFI integration and smartphone control with mobile application
     Suitable for rooms of 30 m²/75 m³ max.
     Cooling power of 2.2 kW max. (energy efficiency class A)
     Energy saving technology
     No draft effect in the room thanks to the supply of fresh air from outside
     3 fan speeds
     24 hour timer function
     Oscillation function
     Auto restart function (memory function)
     Power saving mode
     Removable air filter against pet hair, lint, dust
     Night mode
     Quiet operation ≤ 47 dB(A)
     Ecological refrigerant R290

PAC-W 2200 SH

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