Snake repellent Sentinel Q lot 6 pcs

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Our snake repellent pulse vibration is effective against all species of snakes 100% safe for children and pets

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lot 6 pcs

Do not like do bad encounters with snakes in your yard, home, or workplace in the country !!!!!!

Protect your pets, children and yourself, for your safety.

This unique repeller has been developed to scare away all kinds of snakes, it emits a pulse vibration acting on the snake through the natural sensors it has in the body. The snake gets this dangerous impulse for him.

The snakes then perceive a danger zone causing them to evacuate the area, not so much a physical barrier, but rather creating an area where snakes do not want to be.

The snake repellent transmits its signal in all directions about 20m. (65ft), they can be placed approximately every 40m (130ft) apart for optimum coverage.

One unit covers about 700 m2

it is always recommended to use two or more units to get the best results.

Place one unit of retaining walls, rock gardens, old hangars etc. for driving the snakes out of their hiding places and keep them away.

During installation, keep children and pets out of the treated area for the first time in the event that all snakes driven from their hiding disperse.

The device runs on rechargeable batteries. The solar module charges the battery and enables operation of night and day.

Installation procedure :

repulsif serpent

Remove the small plastic cap under the head of the unit, attach the small connector on the son of the base of the head of the unit to that of the tip section, and secure the tip to the head of the unit .

Insert the tip into the ground paying attention not to damage the device.

The tip must be firmly planted while leaving the basic minimum head 1-2 "above the ground.

We suggest using a crowbar to first a small hole and gently push the tip or dig a small hole and backfill with soil after the unit is in place.

Do not use a mallet, hammer or excessive force as this may damage the unit.


You can say that the device works when its LED flashes as it transmits its signal, you will feel the vibrations.

The unit may sometimes need a little time in the sun to give them a boost and start during the first installation.

If the machine stops operating check / change the battery to see that it is OK - as this is the usual reason for units to stop working.

Although the units are waterproof, it is recommended that you remove it in extreme weather conditions such as hail, floods and snow.

If the unit becomes waterlogged and water stops working, remove and allow to dry, normally when completely dry the unit will return to normal operation.

Normally the only maintenance needed is with a soft cloth; wipe the solar panel cover to remove dirt and grime in excess.
Please take care when removing the ground units, you do not break them.

After some time, the batteries can not begin to recharge, they can be replaced by two AA size 1.2V rechargeable NiMH batteries recommended.

battery compartment is in the lower part of the head section.

While the unit will reduce the number of snakes around your house

during installation and operation, you must always be vigilant, nothing can be 100% effective as unforeseen circumstances may occur, which may result in an opportunity for occasional snake not be immediately rejected and although he probably will leave the area there is no control over the direction that will take the snakes out.

Some snakes may initially withdraw off the ground or on concrete areas, etc. until they decide to go.

We suggest moving the units every 2 or 3 months by moving 2-4 Meters


Super pulse vibration signals
greater surface coverage
Double battery power
Easy to change rechargeable AA batteries
Inbuilt battery charger
operation indicator
UV inhibitors to resist the degradation of plastics
aluminum probe not rust
robust design
100% safe and non-toxic
Safe around children and pets
Not affect other wildlife

Technical details:

  •     Material ABS + aluminum
  •     Size 300cm * 154 cm
  •     Sunlight Power Battery rechargeable 1.2V AA +
  •     Rechargeable Ni-Mh
  •     Vibration
  •     Usage Garden Lawn Farm


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Snake repellent Sentinel Q lot 6 pcs

Snake repellent Sentinel Q lot 6 pcs

Our snake repellent pulse vibration is effective against all species of snakes 100% safe for children and pets