Professional solar street light UFO 100W

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Professional UFO 100W solar street light made of high quality aluminum with an autonomous solar energy lighting system

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Professional solar street light UFO 100W

Réverbère solaire professionel UFO 100W

Professional UFO 100W solar street light made of high quality aluminum with an autonomous solar energy lighting system. Its professional battery and solar panel ensure optimal operation even on cloudy days. Ideal for installation where the electrical network cannot reach.

Specifications of LED URBAN Solar URBAN UFO LAND, 100W

EAN 8435568967656
Power 100W
Luminous flux 2700lm
Opening angle 120e CRI 80
Indoor-outdoor Exterior
Intellectual property protection IP65
Sensors Crediferous sensor (DLR)
Energy label A.
Rechargeable battery
Solar repowering
All-inclusive kit
Product dimensions 433x433x156 mm
Dimensions of packaging 45x45x20cm
Packaging weight 6.5 kg
CE LRHS ECORAEE certificates

Description of LED URBAN UFO LAND LED, 100W
Solar street light with MPPT management regulation system - "Maximum Power Point Tracker", which is the maximum output battery control system, both for its protection, the extension of its lifespan, and by the most efficient performance system to obtain more lumens from the luminaire, thus achieving maximum life and maximizing battery performance.

The solar panel of the solar lantern is monocrystalline which are the most efficient on the market, reaching 20% watershed, compared to 15% of polycrystalline. The MPPT regulator is able to separate the solar panel operating voltage from the battery voltage. This allows you to place the voltage of the solar panels at the optimal point to obtain maximum power at every moment of use of the solar light, charging even on cloudy days.

The professional solar lamp has a large capacity battery from the manufacturer BYD.

The solar street light integrates the following advantages:

- Energy savings.
- Incorporates the most advanced LED technology
- Efficient and high quality light emission (chromatic performance index, CRI-80).
- Savings on time and installation costs.
- Savings on maintenance costs.
- No need for external power supply.
- It uses clean and renewable energies.
- Reduces light pollution.
- The materials used are fully recyclable.
- A fully integrated system that offers architectural advantages.
- Easy installation.

Functioning :
- During daylight hours, the system captures solar energy and stores it in its batteries in the form of electrical energy.
- At dusk, the control system automatically activates the LED module using stored energy, providing the light the space needs to illuminate.
- At dawn, the LED module is automatically deactivated by starting a new cycle.

The floor lamp is programmed for optimal operation for 7 hours. It has 4 stages of automatic operation, which start when night enters:

1) First stage: for 1.5 hours: the light turns on slowly until 100%.

2) Second stage: for 1.5 hours, the light will slowly turn on up to 70%.

3) Third stage: for 1.5 hours, the light slowly ignites up to 50%.

4) Fourth step: The hour rest will light up gently up to 30% to extend the life of the lithium battery.

- The solar lyn has a fixture that contains all the electrical components inside, so the pole does not need a license plate and does not house the copper cables inside.

- Illuminates an area of approximately 100 to 120 m2

- SMD3030 OSRAM led chip. It uses the most advanced LED technology, achieving high performance with high light quality.
- ABS plastic lighting body
- Lithium battery whose charging time is 8 to 10 hours sunny and 7 hours out.
- The optical system allows the beam of light to be focused on the space to illuminate while avoiding light pollution.
- Maximum efficient monocrystalline solar panel, captures solar radiation transforming it into clean electrical energy.
- Lithium electric batteries that store the energy captured by the solar panel during sunlight hours so that it can be used during night periods.

- LiFePO4 battery - Lithium-Ferrophosphate -LPF 3.2V 38AH
- Monocrystalline class solar panel: A 16.2V

NOTE: mast not included

Inner tube size 65mm, outer tube 75mm.


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