PROFLEX TRANSLUCID glue under water sealant waterproof cartridge 310 ml

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 transparent waterproof glue for underwater repair

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PROFLEX TRANSLUCID glue under water sealant waterproof cartridge 310 ml

transparent waterproof glue for underwater repair

Sealing adhesive in wet environment. FOOD quality AFNOR standards. Easy to apply, it is a simple cartridge to place in a gun. The glue is smooth on the finger or spatula. Adheres to all substrates (wood, steel, copper, brass, aluminum, PVC, plastic, brick, concrete, stone, marble, glass, polyester, polystyrene, canvas etc.) Solvent free, silicone resistant to UV, mold, fungicide and odorless. 310ml cartridges. "

TIP of preservation: form a small ball of glue at the end of the nozzle, after use. This little ball will harden and will be THE BEST STOP! Indeed, do not introduce NO NAILS or SCREWS to plug the opening, because that would cause the polymerization of the glue around the foreign body!

The perfect tool for poolmen to repair an underwater liner, a split ABS skimmer or polyester staircases, to take up cracks in a concrete basin, or glue tiling strips on polyester, concrete, PVC, hull, Overflow edges on the reinforced membrane, to seal a faulty projector gland, fix ornaments, etc., the list is long!

A cartridge forms a cord about 15 meters long (3 - 5 mm in diameter)

Think of DEGREASING the supports, even to PONCER them to make them rough, catchy!

   to use the proflex, you will need to get a glue gun, available in any DIY store (we do not sell!) for a few euros.Note that when the temperature is low, the glue is hard , and you will have to use a very good quality pistol so that it does not bend! glue gun

the patch is not necessarily necessary. It is used in case of high pressure or when the hole to be repaired is important.

PROFLEX is also used as a filler. A hole can be sealed tightly, without a patch.


you can use PROFLEX to repair and join pool tiles and mosaics!

With PROFLEX, you can repair any object used in a humid environment! faucet leaks for example! NO MORE LEAKS. Examples:

    - connection of pipes of different diameters (join a 15mm pipe to a 19mm pipe for example)

    - repair a rain barrel that has split in winter following frost

    - possibly redone a perfectly sealed seal for shower or sink (delicate to achieve)

    - seal an outdoor shower pipe

    - stick the hoses of a pool pump

    - repair the pierced liner

    - etc ...

Base: Polyoxypropylene Polymers Polymerizing with Air Moisture and Substrates
Dry extract: Greater than 99%, a maximum weight loss of about 1%
Consistency: Excellent thixotropy and quite good extrusionability (about 200 g / min at 2 bar, nozzle diameter 6 mm)
Density: About 1.40 g / cm3
Polymerization rate: Skin formation: approx. 10 minutes (DIN 50 014), approx. 4 mm / 24h on the first day
Shore A hardness: About 51 according to DIN 53 505
Elongation at break: About 500% according to DIN 53 505
Resistance to fracture: About 3.3 to 3.5 MPa (N / mm²) according to DIN 53 504 Stereophy S 3a
Tear resistance: About 22.5 N / mm according to ASTM 624 D

form B
Characteristic of the film: Elastic and very resistant, good resistance to moisture and temperature from -40 to + 90 ° C continuously, + 110 ° C peak. Possibility of painting fresh cords during the first hours after application. Almost non-yellowing putty during Ultra Violet exposures. Formula free of solvents, silicones, halogens and isocyanates very advantageous from the ecological and toxicological point of view. Odorless product. Boiling temperature: +5 to + 35 ° C Cleaning: Use a dry cloth.

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PROFLEX TRANSLUCID glue under water sealant waterproof cartridge 310 ml

PROFLEX TRANSLUCID glue under water sealant waterproof cartridge 310 ml

 transparent waterproof glue for underwater repair