Charge controller 20A 100V MPPT XTRA2210N-XDS1 - EPEVER

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Charge regulator 20A. Up to 100V DC input.

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Charge controller 20A 100V MPPT XTRA1206N - EPEVER Charge controller 

20A. Up to 100V DC input. 

Enjoy quality battery charging and optimized performance with MPPT technology. 
Integrated LCD screen for monitoring and programming the installation. 

 MPPT solar controllers, more efficient than PWM, will optimize the voltage of solar panels to maximize the power obtained. 

This regulator, indispensable in an autonomous solar installation, is an electronic box that connects your solar panels to your battery. It optimizes the performance of your installation and protects the batteries during their charging process to increase their life. Ideal for nomadic applications (boat, camper, ..)

It is ideal for all common solar panel technologies and is ideal for solar systems with higher solar panel voltages than the battery. The MPPT 10 A is suitable for use with solar panels normally intended for grid coupled installations. 

These regulators adopt the latest MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) technology and an advanced tracking algorithm to get the maximum power output of the solar panel.

Compared with PWM controllers, MPPTs increase the load efficiency by up to 30% and reduce the need for photovoltaic power. The ability to decrease the voltage of multiple panels at the same time to recharge multiple batteries with lower voltage greatly increases flexibility in system design. 

Product Features

  •     Integrated LCD screen
  •     MPPT Technology: Search for maximum power point for optimal performance.
  •     Effective tracking, up to 99.5%
  •     Maximum conversion efficiency: 98%
  •     Fully programmable via PC software or MT50
  •     Voltage and current regulation
  •     Temperature compensation
  •     Up to 100VDC input
  •     Complies with European standards (CE)
  •     Natural convection cooling

Technical characteristics



XTRA 1210N

XTRA 2210N

XTRA 3210N

XTRA 4210N

Rated system voltage

12V / 24V

Rated battery current





Rated current of the load





Max. Voltage drums


Solar input voltage max.


Photovoltaic input power max.

12V 130W

24V 260W

12V 260W

24V 520W

12V 390W

24V 780W

12V 520W

24V 1040W

Load equalization voltage

B. Waterproof: 14.6V, B. Liquid: 14.8V

Boost voltage boost

B. Gel: 14.2V, b. waterproof: 14.6V, b. liquid: 14.8V

Float voltage supported


Internal consumption

≤20mA (12V) ≤16mA (24V)

Temperature compensation

-3mV / ° C / 2V

Operating temperature

-25 ° C to 45 ° C

Storage temperature

-35 ° C to 80 ° C

Dimensions mm






0.57 kg

0.96 kg

1.31 kg

1.67 kg


Installation manual


Technical data sheets


Installation example

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Charge controller 20A 100V MPPT XTRA2210N-XDS1 - EPEVER

Charge controller 20A 100V MPPT XTRA2210N-XDS1 - EPEVER

Charge regulator 20A. Up to 100V DC input.