Kit bateau MX FLEX Protect - DE 100WC - 12V

Kit bateau MX FLEX PROTECT DE 100Wc - 12V

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Ce kit solaire s'adaptera facilement à tous types de bateau 

Le tout est entièrement précâblé.

Panneau solaire
Câble solaire 2X4mm² avec MC4 (vendu au mètre)

“100wc premium kit for boat”

This kit has been designed to easily adapt to all types of boat



Sunpower MX FLEX 100Wc

Flexible solar panel MX FLEX POTECT 100 Wc
The MX FLEX 100Wc flexible solar panels are suitable for marine use, they are perfect for recharging your boat's batteries. Thanks to its flexibility and extremely light weight (1.7 kg), you can easily attach it to the roof of a boat

The waterproof junction box attached to the front of the panel and its MC4 connectors will allow you to connect it easily and simply.

Ultra flexible and really light, they are very resistant to salty, humid environments, bad weather and even trampling!

Power (Pmax) 100W
Voltage (vmp) 18V
Open circuit voltage (Voc) 21.8V
Short circuit current (Isc) 5.83A
Current (Imp) 5.55A
Tolerance +/-5%
Panel yield 19%
Cell efficiency 22%
Dimensions 1050x540x3mm
Weight 1.85 Kg




With its very high efficiency Back Contact monocrystalline cells (22%), MX FLEX panels feature the best in photovoltaic technology! These optimize the performance of the panel when it is in low light conditions, which optimizes the performance of the panel whatever the weather conditions. The fixing eyelets located on the 4 corners will allow you to attach it very simply wherever you wish.


 en option :

Panneau solaire 12V MX FLEX Protect Full Black 100Wc

Panneau solaire 12V MX FLEX Protect Full Black 100Wc


MPPT 20A SRNE ML2420 solar regulator

With advanced dual-peak or multi-period tracking technology, when the solar panel is shaded or part of the panel, resulting in multiple peaks on the I-V curve, the controller is still able to accurately track the maximum power point.

A built-in power point tracking algorithm significantly improves the energy usage efficiency of photovoltaic systems and increases charging efficiency by 15% to 20% compared to the previous method.
conventionnelle PWM.

Une combinaison de plusieurs algorithmes de suivi permet un suivi précis du point de travail optimal sur la courbe I-V en un temps extrêmement court.

Le produit bénéficie d'une efficacité de suivi MPPT optimale allant jusqu'à 99,9%.

Les technologies d'alimentation numériques avancées augmentent l'efficacité de conversion d'énergie du circuit jusqu'à 98%.



Type of need Motorhome/Boat/Watercraft
Wind turbine Without wind turbine
Number of panels 1 panel
Kit output voltage 12V
Battery storage Without storage
Voltage 12V
Battery Kit without battery
Inverter power - 1000VA
Network reinjection Without reinjection



1m of 2X4mm2 solar cable and 1m of 4mm² battery cable

  MC4 crimped on cablesolar cable

Long lifespan

Thanks to the double sheath, these cables are extremely resistant to UV, heat, cold and bad weather



Usage examples:

bateau-panneau-solaire.jpg bateau-panneau-solaire1.jpg bateau-panneau-solaire2.jpg


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