Hybrid Inverter 1 kVA 12V PWM

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Hybrid inverters are the ideal solution to  power a house for self-consumption  or to  make an isolated site autonomous

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Hybrid Inverter  1 kVA 12V PWM

This inverter is used to power  consumers up to 1000W
The built-in PWM 50A load controller allows to put up to 600Wc of panels
Possibility to put it in the  public network or a generator  to  recharge the batteries 
Fully configurable via the LCD screen of the inverter

Enjoy a continuous and reliable power supply whether the network is available or not. The energy produced by the inverters is intelligently oriented and used for optimum performance. All priorities can be defined by the user: use of batteries, solar or AC source (network or generator)  In self-consumption, the energy produced by your panels is fluctuating and it does not correspond to consumption. The  inverter stores part of the solar output in the batteries for later use during the evening or at night. In an isolated site, the inverter can be connected to a generator to ensure the charge of the batteries if they are empty and the solar production is insufficient. This inverter is able to work with several different energy sources such as:

  • public network
  • photovoltaic panels
  • thermal generator
  • battery 

Microprocessor management directs the energy according to the production, the needs of consumption and the state of charge of the batteries. It is possible to monitor in real time locally or remotely. The WKS inverter does not reinject current into the power grid.

3 operating modes
  •  Solar priority 
  •  help
  •  Solar and network
 - Setting the charge current of the batteries
 - Ability to limit or prohibit charging via the network
 - Input voltage from 90 to 280V (useful for fluctuating networks)
 - Economic mode (limitation of self consumption)
 - Fine tuning of the charging characteristics of the batteries
 - Automatic restart in case of overload and overtemperature
 - Possibility to limit the battery discharge in order to preserve their service life
 - Voltage return in configurable battery mode 
 - Overload bypass (allows to pass on the network in case of peak consumption)
 - Low battery security
 - USB port

 Multi-energy supply

 Example: for a consumption requirement of 1kW, you can have a configuration: 

  • 0.5 kW provided by solar energy
  • 0.5 kW provided by the batteries

This multi-feed technique can greatly reduce the battery and extend its life.

This inverter accepts up to 750 Wp of photovoltaic panels, and can connect to the grid or to another renewable energy source if the solar production is insufficient.


  • Residential, commercial and telecommunications 
  • Areas where electricity supply is unstable 
  • Areas that are not connected to the network

Use in back-up mode

It is possible to use the inverter as a "back-up", without photovoltaic panels. In this mode, the UPS will act as UPS to protect your devices from network outages.

The inverter thus protects computers and audio-visual equipment, or any other sensitive load by providing a stable current. It guarantees uninterrupted power supply to consumers. 
The electricity produced from these pure sinus inverters is stable. 

Possibility to protect one or more rooms in your home through the distribution box.

Use in off-grid mode

In this configuration, the inverter uses the panels to power the consumers and to charge the batteries when the sun is present. The inverter draws power from the batteries to distribute power at night. 

It is possible to add a generator on the AC input of the UPS to provide backup power.  

Hybrid mode use

The inverter takes power on the grid only if the batteries are empty and the solar output is not sufficient to cover the consumption.

The inverter does not reinject current into the power grid.

As for the "back-up" mode, it is possible to connect only a part of your home installation to the inverter. Consumers connected to the inverter will always be powered, even in case of power grid failure. In addition, these consumers will be powered for free!

Pure Sine Converter

 is a pure sinusoidal voltage (pure sine) inverter that reproduces a power quality similar to that of the public grid. It can be used to power all types of devices.

Technical characteristics :

POWER1000VA /0.800Kw
Voltage230 VAC
Range of tension170-280 VAC (> computer) 
90-280 VAC (> residential)
Frequency50 Hz / 60 Hz (automatic detection)
Regulation of the AC voltage (Batt Mode)230 VAC ± 5%
Peak power (5 sec)2000 VA
Transfer time10 ms (for computers); 20 ms (for residential applications)
exitPure Sine
Nominal voltage battery12 VDC
Types of batteriesAGM, GEL, open (configurable)
Floating voltage13.5 VDC (configurable)
Overload protection16 VDC
Maximum charging current20A
Peak power PV600 W
Voltage range/
Maximum PV open circuit voltage50 VDC
Max charging current50 A
Max yield98%
Standby consumption2W
Dimension, D x W x H (mm)82x225x320
Weight (kgs)5.0
Humidity5% to 95%
Operating temperature-10 ° C - + 50 ° C
Storage temperature-15 ° C - + 60 ° C

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Hybrid Inverter 1 kVA 12V PWM

Hybrid Inverter 1 kVA 12V PWM

Hybrid inverters are the ideal solution to  power a house for self-consumption  or to  make an isolated site autonomous