Pool Gre - Aboveground and underground pool 

Pool Gre - Aboveground and underground pool

Gre pool is specialized in the manufacture of steel pools and accessories for all types of pools. Are a reference in quality.


Gre Bora Bora Pool

Swimming pool Gre Bora Bora oval and round pool 120 cm high, lacquered white and with cartridge filter.

Gre FIDGI Swimming Pool

The Gre Fiji pool offers the best performance of the models in the range with 120 cm high including a sand filter purifier. The Gre brand has great qualities in its products at the best prices. This will allow you to enjoy a steel pool of great durability and resistance of a form accessible and cheaper than the construction of traditional work.

Pool Gre Atlantis

The Gre series Atlantis pool offers us high quality with a height of 132 cm, lacquered in white and with sand filter.