Solar battery 

Solar battery


AGM / Gel Battery

AGM: lifespan 7-10 years
GEL: shelf life 12 years

We offer 2 types of waterproof batteries: GEL and AGM.

The AGM range has a very low internal resistance which makes them particularly suitable for applications requiring high current discharges, such as for converters, thrusters and winches, as well as for starting an engine.

For our solar applications, AGM batteries are ideal: no maintenance, no gas release, use of conventional charging rates (allows use of any standard charging system), minimum maintenance during winter storage

The GEL battery range offers improved durability of the discharge cycle as well as a longer service life overall. The use of high purity materials and lead-calcium grids ensures that both AGM batteries and GEL batteries have low self-discharge and will not fall flat even after long periods of time without being charged

Lithium solar batteries

They have a load capacity much faster, which allows to autonomously exploit the slightest ray of sun without being limited by the internal resistance of the battery. A lead battery, depending on its capacity will be limited in charging power. With lithium, you will charge with the maximum of what the controller can give.
Unbeatable also during the discharge, they easily support very fast discharges. Comparing the price at the amp hour available (it is available with the lithium discharge depth very important) we see that the price at Ah available is just a little bit more expensive than lead batteries

More power for less weight), the Lithium Battery offers high charge and discharge currents and a lifespan up to 6 times higher than that of a conventional battery.